Around DevCon5 (8th - 11th October 2019)

Osaka Blockchain Week

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About Osaka Blockchain Week

Blockchain Week initiatives are happening all over the world whenever there is a large gathering of blockchain and cryptocurrencies enthusiasts around. The Osaka Blockchain Week is no different, it's just a bit longer. This is an voluntary initiative which was formed around the Ethereum Devcon 5 and which will provide an overview and support for all the blockchain technology related events happening in Osaka between Oct 8. and Oct 11. 2018. hello

Feel free to reach out via our Telegram channel if you have any questions.

Venues of Osaka Blockchain Week


Hardware tech focus co-working space

Singularity Hive

The one and only Crypto co-working space in Osaka

We are currently reaching out to other co-working places and startup companies to join our initiatives. The more venues to be added soon. Please not that some of the venues (especially non commercial facilities) will be kept private to respect their privacy.